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If you're here, you most likely know about unipoly. If not, please take a look at unipoly.epfl.ch first. The requests submitted via this form are manually reviewed by the comittee.
This form is in english since some EPFL/UNIL members might not be familiar with french.
Feel free to use either one.


If you're an EPFL member, please use your gaspar username here. Please use the first letter of your first name and your last name otherwise (ex: Jean Dupont => jdupont).

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The common name is typically the first given name followed by a space followed by the first family name (ex: "Pierre-Yves Müller").

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Your phone number can only be viewed by a committee member. This allows you to be contacted in case of emergency. You must specify the full number, including country code. Example: +41791234567


Since we are active on both campuses, we would like to know from which one you come from.


Check the projects you would like to join. You will be automatically subscribed to the related mailing lists.

  • Achats solidaires (Grouped purchases to the farm)
  • Pôle d'actions (actions/events group)
  • Apiculture (Beekeeping)
  • Campus farmer
  • Ingénieurs engagés
  • Jardin (Garden)
  • Journal d'Unipoly: Le Canard Huppé
  • Semaine de la durabilité (Sustainability week)

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